What can HLAA (Hearing Loss Association of America) do for you?

I am sure I will get asked this question a lot as I begin to tout the name "HLAA" (Hearing Loss Association of America) around our community so I will explain here; ALL of the facts are from the HLAA website itself or from an experienced individual that I have been in contact with who has been with the HLAA for years. I also expect to get other questions such as "why HLAA if we have DSSO (Deaf Strong of Southern Oregon)?" so I will address these two questions to the best of my knowledge and abilities without fudging the facts.  

At the end of this blog post I will list several URLs/websites and Facebook pages & groups you may want to visit related to hearing loss in general and I will give you two individuals you may contact directly for more information about HLAA and/or DSSO. 

The first question to address is: What can HLAA do for you?

The First part of my answer is: what do all the organizations that provide support do? They educate; education is good! We can learn a lot about options available to us that might fit our needs and serve the communities that we live in. They teach us what we need to know, our rights, technology, financial assistance, and information about other organizations that specialize further (such as QNAP whom provides communication equipment for those with hearing loss in Oregon and Lions Clubs International whom distribute donated hearing aids and glasses). 

The biggest thing that HLAA can do for you aside from getting information is being with like-minded people who have similar concerns and experiences as you do and having someone there who can share with you because you are not alone! HLAA can also provide resources for parents with children who have a hearing loss whether it be additional equipment to compliment their hearing aids or Cochlear Implant(s) or any other adaptive equipment a child with hearing loss might need. 

The second question about why HLAA if we already have DSSO? Deaf Strong of Southern Oregon (formerly Deaf Services of Southern Oregon).  Both of these organizations aim to educate, support, and advocate for people with hearing loss (adults and children alike).  The main difference between these two organizations is that DSSO caters to the local community and connects with other organizations throughout the state such as Oregon Association for the Deaf which HLAA Oregon has worked with according to Richard Little whom is the HLAA Oregon coordinator; however HLAA is a national organization which has several chapters in several states focusing specifically on hearing loss while making connections with legislators in lawmaking, HLAA is not directly social  (although many chapters do provide some socialization on the side. DSSO does a lot of family and deaf related activities for those who are deaf and hard of hearing in the local community that DSSO serves). 

I have not been to an HLAA meeting as of yet, but I hope to soon so I cannot give you more information beyond what I know from the websites and individuals I have talked with. In the end, how does this help us? More knowledge, more resources more power to us to make informed decisions. 

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Who is the HLAA?

What is the HLAA?

What is the DSSO?

Who is the DSSO? 



Deaf Strong Of Southern Oregon (formerly Deaf Services of Southern Oregon)

Hearing Loss Association of America 


Contact information:

Richard Little (Oregon HLAA coordinator) 

DSSO Information (a DSSO representative/staff will contact you) 

If you are not comfortable contacting either of these individuals you can contact me directly via this blog, post a comment on this article, via Facebook or Twitter and I can pass on your questions or concerns to them if you choose or I can act as a go between as long as the information can be easily conveyed. 

Won't it be hard to let her go?

Won't it be hard to let her go?

The question seems presumptuous that a person with disabilities cannot train their own service dog, however it is also a clue that the person asking the question is just simply unaware of other facts about service dog training.  Two-three years ago I wouldn't have thought I could train my own service dog; naturally I trained Isabel (and she self trained herself somewhat too) so I have been declaring her as a service dog for the purpose of FHA (Fair Housing Act) since legally service dogs do not have to be public access trained to be useful in the home although they do have to be task specific trained to be considered a service dog regardless. 

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My experience learning about Autism

What is so neat about Jonathan Chase? He himself is has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) understands many ASD issues, he wants to help youths and young adults and their families understand the ASD challenges and needs and does mentoring to youths & young adults  so that they can be empowered to do anything they desire to do. 

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What would be perfect to you? Do you expect perfection? And who would you expect to be perfect if it had to be someone? How do you define perfection?

Just a little provoking thought; I cannot find one thing on this planet perfect and want to know why? Because God wouldn't and can't allow anything to be perfect since there would be exact competition and that cannot be allowed; so with that being said I don't expect perfection but I wish it. 

If there was ONE thing that was perfect, we wouldn't need God because perfection elsewhere would be more desirable (possibly); not that God isn't desirable at all, but then there are choices in that matter too. 

Can you search out the deep things of God? Can you find out the limits of the Almighty?
— The Holy Bible, New King James Version, Copyright © 1982 Thomas Nelson. All rights reserved

Perfection would probably be nice, maybe too boring; but glad that there isn't perfection as it lessens the fierce competition but we can always strive to do better.  Nothing needs to be perfect but God himself. 

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A Month Has Gone By...

So... I've been here since January 4th; yes that right I've been in Gig Harbor all this time, and I only got across the bridge once in that entire month, literally on the last day of the month too! :P; I don't know if I'm enjoying it or hating it, I kinda feels like both is happening at the same time. 

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